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Cookies Policy

What are "cookies"?

"Cookies" are small text files sent by the web pages you visit and downloaded to the end devices used to browse the Internet. The information found in the files enables only the web page that created them to read the information included in them. Therefore a web page cannot access other files found on the user's computer. Cookies only contain very short text information and therefore cannot be computer software (including e.g. viruses). The files make it possible to recognise the user's device and display appropriately the web page adjusted to the user's individual preferences. Importantly, cookies cannot store any users' data if the data is not entered by a web page.


Why does our web page use cookies?

Cookies used on our website make it possible to personalise appropriately the information displayed and to present the contents adjusted to the user's needs as well as to measure the users' interactions. We use cookies in order to adjust and improve the functioning of the website as well as to measure the effectiveness of the activities conducted on the website. Cookies also make it possible to survey the users' preferences and thus improve the quality of the services provided. Collective summaries of data in form of anonymous aggregated statistics do not contain any features that identify the persons visiting the website.

How to control cookies?

The activities related to the storage and sending of cookies are handled by Internet browsers and are invisible to the end user. Currently all Internet browsers make it possible to control cookies, which means that cookies can be deleted and that it can be specified which pages are authorised to use them on the end device used to browse the Internet. Disabling cookies in the browser may make it less convenient to use websites and affect some of the functionalities available on a web page. The majority of browsers accept cookies by default.


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