We distribute a variety of cosmetic products. Please see our offer for more details.

The manufacturer of hair care and styling products as well as products for body hygiene and care mainly for other brands. For 50 years the company has been developing its own brand which encompasses various lines of cosmetics. They are available also in Poland through the Tenex company. These include mainly hair care and styling products as well as products for hair and body care. All cosmetics are manufactured in a factory in the Netherlands.


An innovative cosmetic which falls halfway between aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. The product’s recipe was prepared in a Swiss laboratory. The institute’s staff try to meet the expectations of all their consumers and constantly aim to improve the quality of each product. The characteristics and effects of all ingredients are appropriately studied, tested, and classified. The cosmetics which have been developed and manufactured by them undergo very strict final control performed both at home and in highly specialised laboratories where the products are subjected to all the necessary tests.

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